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Every season we receive lots of helpful feedback from our campers, which feeds into our jobs list for the next year. One thing in particular that we have noticed is that it is harder for men than women to use the compost loos. I will let you use your imagination, but it is all to do with having to sit down to use them because of the urine separators.

With this in mind we set about building a ‘wee hut’ urinal for the boys (and girls if you are feeling adventurous). The gap between the two compost loos was the perfect size so Neel filled it in with a new curved roof hut to match the others. It even has a skylight of its own.

A stainless steel bucket fixed to a corrugated tin wall acts as a urinal receptacle. Above this sits a push button, which sends water through a copper pipe, finished off with a recycled watering can rose, into the bucket to act as a flush. The wee ends up with the flush water in a caravan waste master behind the hut and can be used on the compost heap.

After completing your task you can wash your hands in the reclaimed sink, dry them on a towel hanging over the copper pipe towel rail and then leave the hut using the copper pipe door handle (we like a bit of copper pipe). Some of the recycled material birds have already settled in to roost in the roof space.

So we hope you like the new addition to the meadow and look forward to hearing your new ideas this year!




The ‘wee hut’ urinal
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