Our small 80 acre farm has been in the family since the 1930s. Until 2020 we were growing a traditional rotation of wheat, barley and sugar beet. The farm has always been low intensity and has kept its small fields and hedgerows that make ideal habitats for wildlife.

Since 2020 we have been a part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, growing plots of wildflowers, seeds and clover mixes designed to provide food for pollinators and farmland birds. Committing the whole farm to the scheme has been a big change, but one that is already encouraging greater diversity on the land.

We have land management help from our own Shetland sheep and alpacas. They also produce beautiful natural fibres that we sell as yarn or crochet and woven accessories. Shetlands and alpacas make very little impact on the land – Shetlands due to their small size and alpacas because of their soft padded feet. They both thrive on a mixed diet of varied grasses, herbs, legumes and wild flowers and need very little processed hard feed. Their fibre comes in a variety of natural colours so there is also no need for chemical dyes.

You will be able to say hello to all of the animals when you visit.

Throughout the year we have the privilege of watching owls, kestrels and buzzards hunting across the fields. We also regularly see roe and muntjac deer, hares and birds such as linnets, yellowhammers, partridges and skylarks. More elusive, but there in the darkness, are hedgehogs, foxes and a badger. We have created a 1.5km grass track walk around the farm so that you can explore the meadows and wildlife when you stay. We also have a shepherds hut tucked away on the farm that can be hire as a day retreat for our guests.

We hope you can join us!
Kath and Neel Shearer

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