We have had a few people ask abut our camp kitchen, so I thought I would post the 3D model that I generated in TinkerCAD that allowed it all to happen! (It is a model with many pieces, so can take a long time to load. If it isn’t loading, click the tinkercad icon in the top left to go to their site where it sometimes works a little better!)

It was the first time we had made a model like this for one of our buildings, and we found it a very useful process! It did take a long time to model it in the detail we wanted, but it allowed us to see what we were going to get and make changes as we went along so that when we came to building it, we weren’t having to make changes on the fly.

That isn’t to say that nothing changed as we were building. For one thing, we made the front bar a proper bar height, and we are really pleased with that decision. Another change is that I used mortice and tenon construction for the joints. This wasn’t something I had ever contemplated before it came to trying it out for the first time – the power of youtube gave me the confidence to give it a go. I think I even managed to not mess it up by the time I got to the last one joint :)

We didn’t get round to planting the trees at the back of the kitchen as shown in the model, but we have to leave something to do over the coming winter!

Our New Camp Kitchen
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