Jenny the runner duck

Whilst you are here you are very welcome to say hello to the farm animals. We keep Shetland sheep, alpacas, chickens and runner ducks. We are also home to a hive of Hepworth Bee Co-operative honey bees.

The farm animals include a mixed Shetland flock of breeding ewes, wethers (castrated males) and Rams. The lambs arrive each spring and provide constant entertainment. Also a herd of suri and huacaya alpacas – all boys this time.

The sheep and alpacas provide us with beautiful soft fibre that we send to the mill each year for processing into yarn. Some of the yarn we use to crochet and weave accessories. We have a stall at Wyken Vineyards Farmers Market on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month and also sell via Etsy and our own website

The free range Bovans Goldline hens and Indian Runner ducks give us eggs that we sell at the farm gate or deliver around the village. We occassionally have honey for sale too from the bees. The hens live with the alpacas who act as their guards against foxes. The ducks and drakes have taken up residence on the farm pond.

Alpaca ambles

If you would like to spend more time with the alpacas we offer guided walks with the boys around the farm. To give you a relaxed and personal experience we restrict each alpaca walk to one booking of up to six people aged 8 or over. Walks are available at3pm on Tuesdays and at 10.30am on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We also offer an extra 3pm slot on Saturdays that is just for our campsite guests (secret code with your booking confirmation). Please make sure that your walk booking coincides with your stay on the campsite! For more information and to book click here.

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