Mud pie making, bug hunting, marshmallow toasting and space to run wild make Ling’s Meadow the perfect place for kids to explore the great outdoors. Our children, Rowan, Laurie and Hebe have thought very hard about what they like to do outdoors on the farm. We have used their ideas to add some features to the site that are just for our younger campers. We hope you like them!

Mud kitchen

Mud kitchen

What would life be without the opportunity to make mud pies! We have had some amazing dishes cooked up so far with mud, sand, flowers, leaves and twigs. There is a rainwater collection point for water to play with and cooking kit to help you make your mud pies.

Losing yourself

Losing Yourself

When the grass is at its tallest it is easy to lose yourself on the meadow (we have even found grown ups playing hide and seek!).  We know that you love running around the paths so we think carefully about how you can do this without bumping into Mum and Dad.

Farm Walk

Farm Walk

Take an amble along our 1.5km farm walk and see if you can spot the roe deer, grey partridges, yellowhammers, hares and maybe even the odd fox! You will definitely also see sheep and possibly lambs if you are here in the spring. The route is well marked with orange arrows and takes you alongside our mixes of clovers, herbs seed mixes. Listen out for bees buzzing as you go.

Bug hunting

Bug Hunting

There are lots of insects on the meadow and we need your help to find out what they all are! In the camp kitchen you will find a bug hunting kit with pots that you can collect things in. There are also books and spotter sheets with pictures so that you can find out what you have collected. It is important that we look after the insects as they help to pollinate the meadow grasses and flowers and provide food for birds and small mammals. So when you have finished looking at your insect please put it back carefully where you found it.

Over in the corner by the pond you will find a bug hotel with lots of places for bugs to shelter. Can you spot any? There is also a snake hotel in the long grass nearby. The tin sheet warms up in the sun and provides a cosy resting place for the cold blooded grass snakes that we see on the meadow.


Toasting marshmallows

Toasting Marshmallows

You can toast most things over a campfire, but marshmallows have to be our favourite! They are available to buy in our camp kitchen and toasting sticks can be picked up around the meadow. We have been told that they also toast well over our fire pits.

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Meet the farm animals

Meet the alpacas and sheep

Come and say hello to our alpacas. You can reach the paddocks through the hole in the hedge in the car park.

Our shetland sheep are in the herbal ley fields around the farm. In April each year we have an exciting few weeks of lambing.

Comments from other children

Comments from other children

I liked the fire. It is great for melting marshmallowsLeila (4)
I think you should have a spooky stories club once a week where kids sit around the fire.. and tell a story..each week its a different theme like space or pharoahs.Scarlett (10)

(Nice idea Scarlett – we will see what we can do!)

I enjoyed the pitches and all of the friendly people. We stayed in Hedgehog and kept going to Hare.Susan (12)
We have had a great time but it has been raining a lot, but it is lovely and we have been doing games and building legoPhoebe (5)
Had an excellent time with my Dad. This is one of the best campsites I’ve ever been to! It is very peaceful and relaxed. Rating 10/10Joe (12)
This is the best campsite, even though I found the loos tricky to use.Sarah

(we are working on a design especially for children Sarah and will keep you posted)

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