It is official, our house has become an extension of the campsite. Everywhere I turn I am confronted with linen, kettles, eco firelighters and crochet blankets. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way but there are limits, so this week Neel and I decided that it was time to crack on with the straw shed and create ourselves a bit of breathing space.

The shed has been a labour of love, and over the years (yes really, years!)progress has been temporarily interrupted by several other pressing projects, including two of our three children. But then we tend to do things in a slightly more experimental way, as those of you who have visited Ling’s Meadow will know, so what else should I expect? Gradually the rammed earth and tyre foundations, timber frame, straw walls and lime render coating have all taken shape, and now with this week’s addition of a proper floor and doors we are virtually there!

I can really only claim to pretend I understand how it all fits together – Neel is definitely the brains behind this project. But I have loved learning how to work with lime render and can really recommend it as a form of therapy for the body and soul. Every time I walk into the shed and see the view out of the picture windows, or watch the light hitting the lime walls, I know that it has been worth every effort.

So I shall spend the next few days enjoying my little corner of peace and quiet until the inevitable happens and it too is spilling over with kettles, blankets and bell tents.


Straw Shed Sanctuary
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