We are thrilled that so many campers like to leave us lovely messages in our visitor book. We have selected a few examples that made us smile – we hope you enjoy them too! (a random selection of 6 comments is shown below – just reload the page to see more!)

A welcome respite from where we live and work in London. Arrived by bike to a warm welcome!

Really big space for cartwheels!

The kids were more than occupied with the games and open space, so the grown-ups could relax.

The cleanest campsite ever, it's a joy to take a shower :) We can't wait to come again...

Inspiring to see land managed for wildlife and with thoughtful eco-touches to impact as little as possible

We can't even remember the date, which indicates how relaxing this place is! ... we all had a fabulous stay and rarely do I say that the toilets were a real highlight!

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