We have eleven male alpacas on the farm, helping us to manage the 5 acres of grassland on the opposite side of the farmyard to the campsite. By creating a rotation of grazing, resting and leaving areas to cut for hay we hope to improve the diversity of the plants that we already find there. Alpacas are very gentle on the land as they have soft padded feet.

The boys also provide us with beautifully soft fibre to create yarn in natural colours, from white right through to jet black. Alpaca fibre is incredibly soft, silky and luxurious. It is also hypoallergenic as it contains no lanolin. This means that you can wear it comfortably next to your skin. We have 50g balls available in all colours and also raw fleece if you would like to try your hand at spinning.

Alpacas are very gentle and curious animals and they like adventures. So we offer guests the opportunity to take a walk with the boys down the green lane just next to their field. This walk takes you past the farm’s arable fields, so you will also get the chance to find out more about the crops that we grow. The walk includes an introduction to the alpacas, pairing up with the alpaca most suited to you, and a guided walk. We have a lovely area of grassland along the lane where we can also stop for a photo opportunity.

As walks are not really suitable for under 8s, we also offer meet the alpacas experiences for families with younger children. You don’t have to be under 8 though – adults are welcome too!

Campsite guests are very welcome to wander over to visit the alpacas and chickens during your stay. If you would like to spend more time with the alpacas do get in touch in advance of your stay and we can arrange a meet the alpacas session or a walk.

To find out more head over to alpacas.lingsmeadow.co.uk