This year we are very excited to have four young alpacas joining us on the farm.

They will be helping us to manage the 5 acres of grassland on the opposite side of the farmyard to the campsite. By creating a rotation of grazing, resting and leaving areas to cut for hay we hope to improve the diversity of the plants that we already find there. We will also be using their beautifully soft fibre to create yarn in the natural colour of each alpaca.

Alpacas are very gentle and curious animals and they like adventures. So we would also like to offer guests the opportunity to take a walk with the boys down the green lane just next to their field. This walk takes you past the farm’s arable fields, so you will also get the chance to find out more about the crops that we grow. The trek will include an introduction to the alpacas, pairing up with the alpaca most suited to you, and a guided walk. We have a lovely area of grassland along the lane where we can also stop for a photo opportunity.

Being herd animals, alpacas like to walk in groups of at least two, so we will need to have a minimum of two alpacas booked before we can set out for our stroll. Do let us know if you would like to book for one person and we will find a walk where we already have other bookings. Children over 16 are welcome to lead their own alpaca, but children under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult on a second reign (please talk to Kath if you don’t have enough adults to pair up as we may be able to help). The walk is not really suitable for children under 5, but Kath will happily take you to meet the alpacas in their meadow if you have young children who would like to say hello. Alpacas are not very happy to go walking in really horrible weather, so if bad weather disrupts your planned walk we will offer alternative dates or a full refund. We are only able to book one walk a day.

Please see our Alpaca walks terms and conditions for further information.


The cost for a one and a half hour walk is £20 per booked alpaca, with one adult leading and up to two adults/children accompanying. We run discounted midweek walks at £15 per alpaca outside of school holidays. As we would normally walk at least two alpacas together (they don’t like to walk on their own) there is an additional supplement of £10 (£5 discounted midweek rate) to cover one of us walking with an accompanying alpaca if just one alpaca is booked.

If you would like to book together as friends or family we are very happy to take group bookings for up to eight people. All four alpacas would walk with us, giving you a chance to take it in turns to lead.

We can provide gift vouchers if you would like to treat a friend!


As it helps to have a chat about the walk, and find out more about the ages of accompanying children it is best to book by contacting Kath on 01359 250594, or at We will try our best to make sure that you can walk on your preferred date. It is not necessary to be a guest on the campsite to book a walk.